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Ruby in November

My One Thought August 2015

Lets Talk July 2015

Hi Friends,

I’ve only been in this role since last November, and have really enjoyed getting around seeing what churches are up to in the community ministry space. Theres such a variety of things happening, and of course some churches are struggling to even know what to do, while others are seeing real impact on their local community. From another perspective there are those who see the fruit of people coming into a new relationship with Jesus, where other activities have never seen that happen. This has given me much food for thought.

If you think about the fact that what we seek to do is holistic; that is we would love to think that we were touching need and having an impact around physical, social, emotional, educational and spiritual areas of the life of individuals and communities, then theres a lot of scope to be good at some things but struggle with others. Some ministries only seek to meet one of those needs, but where there are complementary activities then there is the possibility that whole persons/communities are impacted.

So, I would like to keep reflecting around this kind of thing over the coming months. Its all about learning. We do our best stuff when we learn from one another, reflect critically on what we are doing ourselves and have the courage to adapt and change.



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