I think the title says it all, right? This is about events.

Are you wondering how to make space for God in the conversations you’re having with friends and neighbours? Learn how to build deeper relationships – and talk about the things that matter most. mainly music and Love Your Neighbour are hosting Doug Pollock for a ‘God Space’ tour of New Zealand and Australia in August 2015.

God Space

Your church can join this movement of people reaching out to their local neighbourhoods all over NZ (and even overseas). A local initiative by Jenna Scullin, Love This City is making an impact in AUGUST!


Let’s be honest – there is a lot of brokenness, anger, tension and conflict in our communities. Whatever the reason, we need to move through it in a healthy way. This conference from Carey Baptist College may just help us to do that. “The Art of Forgiveness” – and what an art it is.



Churches have a unique opportunity to do in our communities what no other group or agency can do.

Having worked for 20 years in Christian social services, our new Community Ministries Team Leader, Ruby Duncan, would like to facilitate a conversation between pastors, elders, trustees, community ministry leaders and any who want to participate in a discussion towards discovering the way God calls local churches to impact their own neighbourhood in the name of Christ in ways social services can never do.The discussion could include:

  • Evaluation of what you are currently doing
  • Different models of community involvement in order to place your own and what you would like to try – hearing about some other effective ministries around the country.
  • What’s happened to evangelism….
  • Funding issues
  • Health and safety basics
  • Trusts and church relationships.

This is not a seminar or another opportunity for someone else to tell you how it’s done, but more of an opportunity to connect with others who are trying different things and thinking strategically about what is effective.
Registration for these forums will open late June.

Regional Dates:    
Tuesday 18th August                       Central Baptist Church Wellington

Wednesday 26th August                  Hillsborough Baptist Auckland

Thursday 27th August                      Hillcrest Baptist Hamilton

Tuesday 20th October                     St Albans Baptist Christchurch

Wednesday 21st October                Venue to be confirmed Dunedin


All forums will run from 9am – 4pm. Cost is $30 per person and includes lunch.
Contact: Fiona for more details


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