those most damaged..

Report out today on Child Youth and Family. It relates mostly to how children experience them, but it is also a reminder that there are a over 60,000 children notified to them each year for potential abuse or neglect and nearly 20% of all children have come to their attention by the age of 17. Thats a lot! 5,000 are in care with strangers and are therefore lacking family options and suffering real stress and trauma. These children are in our communities and our schools and sometimes our childrens programme. They can be tricky and have behavioural challenges. Are we welcoming? are we healing? how do they experience us?? how do these families experience us??

what happens when they steal from you or bite your own child?

what happens when they scream at you and say they hate you?

does anyone really stop and say ” what is this child really trying to say?” They don’t have words for what they are experiencing, only feelings and actions. Sometimes they think if they behave badly in care they will be sent back home.

What would it take for our homes and faith communities to be places of healing for those most damaged??


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