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I love this reflection from a wise lady who went to “The Art of Forgiveness” conference at Carey this last week. So good. Thanks Monique

“In three days of talks by scholars on forgiveness, I was inspired in a way I didn’t expect to be!! I love those surprise moments where God catches the imagination of our hearts. Greg Jones presented a talk ‘Love Made Me An Inventor’. We have a rise of new athiests-those who identify with no God, and those who are done with God.  He says the answer isn’t to get more modern, but to begin doing the things that ‘matter’. He shared two major stories on Father Greg Boyle and Magge Barankitse (look them up) where the answer to terrible pain, tragedy and suffering was not loads of self-work and therapy, but rather they created ‘a whole new world’ for those who had no hope! They looked around in the contexts they were in, and simply did what seemed right to meet needs, and wow! did God ever move!! And this process of giving hope to the hopeless, they looked back after the fact to see that deep healing had taken place in ways that no-one expected. God doesn’t undo the past, but he redeems it and helps us to see it differently and well. I’ll forever be challenged by the prayer Magge prays each morning “Lord let your miracles break forth every day, and let me not be an obstacle in any way”.  Let’s set about creating ‘whole new worlds’ for the broken…”

  • Monique Lee

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