A movement you can join


A friend of mine, Jenna Scullin has started a movement. She wanted to create a safe, easy platform for churches to love their communities – in a way that wasn’t token, but actually did see lives changed. Now groups all over the country, and internationally, are joining in.

If your a pastor, a youth leader, a member of a church who has a yearning to just take a step towards others then get in touch with her: jenna@lovethiscity.org

LOCAL is “happening” in the last week of August – there’s no fixed time or date, just whatever works for your group.

Imagine your group lovebombing people…
* As they fill their cars at the local petrol station
* As they are at the checkout of the local supermarket (inspiration:https://youtu.be/Qs_sbBxYHCE)
* As they walk in your local shopping area
* Or lovebombing the homes of families in need in your local area

All you need to do is pick a date that works for your group and sign up here (www.lovethiscity.org/local) and we’ll send you the lovebomb packs..for FREE!

‪#‎loveyourcommunity‬ ‪#‎lovethiscity‬ ‪#‎local‬


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