lets talk..

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I don’t know how you learn, but I call myself a scavenger! being more of a doing than sitting and reading person ( unless its a great novel!) I learn best by seeing, listening, experimenting and bit of scanning the occasional book, article or google search. I find you come across a pearl here and another there.. you just have to keep looking and searching. Ministry is very experimental as we never really know what will work in our specific context. Just because something is a big success in Timaru doesn’t mean you can just copy the whole idea and import it to Tokoroa! But Timaru might have some angle, concept, practice.. that you can see working in Tokoroa or Thames ( totally random place picks!). If we seek to tune into God’s Spirit and then go searching, our prayer is that He will reveal those pearls to us.

So happy searching, and really love to see you at our Regional Hui around the country in August, September and October.

Will be posting those details asap.



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